About Us

Ersince Seramik, which started production in 2000, produces various ceramic products, mainly Terracotta Plates and Bowls.

With more than 20 years of production experience, innovative vision, unchanging quality, it is the Leading Manufacturer Company in its product portfolio and is a well-known brand in Türkiye and abroad.

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Our mission

Our mission is to produce the highest quality clay and ceramics using the most innovative techniques and technologies; To be the world's leading pottery and ceramics manufacturer by providing our customers with the best possible products and services.


Our vision is to always produce quality ceramic products with the principles of efficiency, sustainability and innovation.

Our Story




"The place of birth is the destiny of man." they say. Ersin and Hanife, who were born in Avanos, known as Cappadocia, which has been proficient and famous with its handicrafts throughout history, still produce products for Turkey and abroad by performing this ancient art in Cappadocia with new techniques and technologies.

Since childhood...


It is tradition here: marriage is not considered appropriate for a man who cannot make pottery and a girl who does not practice a handicraft. Every man born in this land must have touched the mud and every girl has been busy with a handicraft. Ersin started to make pottery by hand on the traditional potter's wheel in his childhood and Hanife developed her handicraft by drawing on ceramics.


it was their hobbies...


They set their heart on this job and worked regularly to improve their hand and art skills during their school years. They were working on different models and techniques as a hobby, and they were excited to come up with new products.

it became their work...


After completing their education, they decided to do this job professionally and started to work in a company that produces ceramic products for local and foreign institutions in the region. The fate of Ersin and Hanife also converged here.


They opened their own workshop...


After Ersin and Hanife got married, they decided to open their own workshop and rented a small place where they were both producing and selling. However, things did not go well. The economic conditions of the country and the low demand for clay products marked the beginning of difficult years.

They tried different techniques and models


Pottery had not yet found its place in the industry and did not go beyond traditional products. Ersin and Hanife couple produced the first clay bowl and plate models of the market and used glazing techniques in order for the profession to gain a wider place in the market.


They went into mass production


Finally, after years of hard work, the couple's efforts and innovative vision paid off, and their products soon became popular across the country. Due to the increase in demand, the couple sought industrial solutions and tried to meet the increasing demand by starting mass production both by hand and by machine.

They institutionalized


While product imitations increased, Ersince Seramik became a brand and its products became known abroad. The products were in demand at international fairs. Ersince Seramik, which has increased its working team and equipment, has succeeded in increasing its production capacity and export volume many times over.


Quality and innovative

Continuing production without compromising on quality, Ersince Seramik always keeps its search for innovation fresh. Engraved Stand Bowls models, which it has produced and patented in recent years, have become the favorite of institutions and individual consumers in different sectors and working areas.